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Leaders of Sutton Coldfield Adventure Unit have for some months been developing a new enterprise – taking place on Saturday’s in the Carpenter’s Arms.

Originally it was being looked at as a Catholic Group, now it is taking shape as a broader community group, with Christian principles – and at the moment with a predominantly Catholic membership.

The youngsters who are part of the group have a great time, and the leaders are helping local youngsters to have a range of good and formative experiences. Just look at the following photographs.

IMG_1307 IMG_1304 IMG_1311 IMG_1314 IMG_1315 IMG_1317 IMG_1318 IMG_1142

The group is being led by Joanna and John Garvey. They are looking for volunteers so that the group might run weekly – and the Group is also open to new members.

The Group is also looking for a new name: Boldmere Youth Adventure is one suggestion.  Others are Vesey Adventure Group (after the Local Authority ward it meets in) or Wyndley Adventure Unit (after a pool in the Park) But what do you think? Can you help the group come up with an even snazzier name?

For more information please contact Joanna Garvey at joanna.garvey@gmail.com – and please spread the word to others who may be interested!