homeless-in-snowThank you to all parishioners who have already responded generously to commit their time on Sunday evening, Sunday nights, or Monday mornings during Lent to help provide a warm and safe place to sleep for 16 homeless men.

Our project is part of the wider initiative being led by the Birmingham Winter Night Shelter scheme. Their latest annual report can be read here: Night Shelter Report 2015 (nb it is a 1.5 mb file). 

Our part is providing the volunteers (and with the Carpenter’s Arms the venue) for the Sunday nights of Lent – and six other parishes, or groups of churches, are providing the volunteers and venues for the other nights during Lent. And we are all following on from seven other groups who are providing the same facilities and care between Christmas and the beginning of Lent.

The Catholic community of Boldmere is turning up trumps for the project, so again thank you to all those who responded so generously. 

There was a good first response last Sunday with people offering themselves for the team. But we still need more volunteers for all the slots, and especially the all-night slot and the Monday morning slot. There are a minimum number of volunteers needed for each slot before we can commit to the project, and be sure it can run safely and effectively.

If you think you can volunteer to be part of the team, please complete this Sign-up form, also available in the church porch, and return it to the Presbytery as soon as possible. Alternatively please email your details to Fr Allen at stnicholasrc@btinternet.com

As suggested at Mass on Sunday, if you are able to persuade a friend to join you in volunteering this will probably make the work more enjoyable for you – and help us get the number of volunteers we need!

If you cannot volunteer to help as a member of the team please pray for them and their work, and for those thy are trying to serve. A night shelter – and the care people can receive there – can be an important help to people’s recovery from whatever has made them homeless. But it still takes a lot of courage and dedication from all involved, if the homeless are to be helped back into a happier and healthier environment. So please pray…

Image of homeless man in the snow from http://ecocidealert.com/?m=20140302