Interior ParisThe Prayer over the Offerings at Mass yesterday, the 30th Sunday of the Year, reminds of the fundamental quality of Catholic worship and indeed of Christian prayer.

The words of the prayer are simple and easily understood. They put God in first place and us in second.

Look, we pray, O Lord,
on the offerings we make to your majesty,
that whatever is done by us in your service
may be directed above all to your glory.
Through Christ our Lord.

For the Christian, thanksgiving has a priority over intercession. (Here of course intercession is put at the service of thanksgiving, giving glory to God.)

This priority is not about putting us down, nor indeed is it about raising God up the scale. For we and God are so astoundingly different, no scale can exist. We are created, God is Creator.

However the prayer with its desire for the honouring, even by us, of the glory of God, does not come from nowhere. It is our response to God’s good-gifting of us.

If we are to be for God, and the fact of Creation should be enough for that, then we need to know that God is so fully and beautifully for us. Creator, Redeemer, Father, Teacher, Brother, Friend, Lover.

  • Count your blessings and give glory to God.

Church interior, Paris. (c) 2015, Allen Morris