Our new parish website is up and running.

Home page


Thank you to Brian Tomlinson for all his work in keeping the old website going, and for pushing to get this new one underway.

Thank you to Bob Powell of Gabriel Media too, for their expertise and support which have helped us make the move.

Most everything that was on our website before is up there  again, plus a lot more. So take a look here.

All leaders of parish groups (and other groups meeting in the parish) are warmly invited to contact Fr Allen to learn how they might get their own page to share more easily information about themselves and their work.

To get a page group leaders are asked to provide some basic information (by email if possible, so that it does not need to be retyped!):

  • a text of about 100 words describing the group and what it is for.
  • a nice picture to go on the  page, hopefully showing the group in action, or an aspect of the work
  • a contact name and either a telephone number or email address that can be put on the group’s main page for the benefit of those who wish to find out more about the group, or to join.

Additional links can be added to the Group’s home page, for example.


  • Membership application/ subscription /donation forms. (Ideally these should be provided in electronic form) 
  • A history of the group, and photos. Again please provide text (ideally electronically) and a page can be provided linked to the group home page.
  • Links to national organisation

To see how a typical page/links can look go to this page

NB Group leaders who find all this a bit daunting
are welcome to contact Fr Allen for help and guidance.