Living Eucharist

Pilate On Sunday, the feast of Christ the King, the Gospel presented the encounter between Jesus and Pontius Pilate, between King of Kings, Son and Servant of God the Father,  and the Prefect governing on behalf of the Emperor of Rome.

The relics of Pilate are few and far between. The one extant contemporary record of his existence is a carving reproduced above of his name on a building in Caesarea Maritima, on the Mediterranean costs, recording this building (now lost) been constructed in  honour of Caesar (himself also lost?)

Of course the direct relics of Jesus are maybe even rarer (purported venerated foreskins not-withstanding). And Church, like Empire, is often evidenced in its ruins.

Caesarea MaritimaYet Christ has no need of relics, for he is risen and lives, is personally present to Church and world, in Church and aspects of world caught up in him and made sacrament of his presence. In…

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