Living Eucharist

Virgin of the smile. Lisieux.

The second reading on Sunday, the 3rd Sunday of Advent, highlights the mood that gives the Sunday its popular name: Gaudete Sunday – the ‘Sunday of Rejoicing’

The title comes from the entrance antiphon, but the mood evoked of the name is reflected in the readings of the day too. It is often also represented in a lightening of the violet of the priest’s vestment – the purple of Advent being replaced by pink.

I want you to be happy, always happy in the Lord; I repeat, what I want is your happiness. Let your tolerance be evident to everyone: the Lord is very near.
There is no need to worry; but if there is anything you need, pray for it, asking God for it with prayer and thanksgiving, and that peace of God, which is so much greater than we can understand, will guard your hearts and your thoughts…

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