Jewish StarsPrejudice and Racism

This Sunday was Race Awareness Sunday, and today is Holocaust Memorial Day.

Pray with and for all those who suffer from prejudice and discrimination.

In our own day there are so many: Jews, still; Christians; Muslims; people of all religious faiths and none who work for freedom, justice and the health of the whole human family.

O Lord,
remember not only the men and women of good will,
but also those of ill will.
But do not remember all the suffering they have inflicted on us;
remember the fruits we have bought, thanks to this suffering
– our comradeship, our loyalty, our humility,
our courage, our generosity, the greatness of heart
which has grown out of all this.
And when they come to judgement
let all the fruits which we have borne be their forgiveness.

By a prisoner in Ravensbrück concentration camp and left by the body of a dead child.

Cloth for the cutting of identification badges. Jewish Museum Berlin – Jüdisches Museum Berlin. (c) 2004, Allen Morris