Living Eucharist

Tabernacle, Cartuja

The Prayer after Communion for the First Sunday of Lent, beautifully expresses a thanksgiving for Communion and a yearning for the fulfilment of the end, the purpose of that Communion.

Renewed now with heavenly bread,
by which faith is nourished, hope increased,
and charity strengthened,
we pray, O Lord,
that we may learn to hunger for Christ,
the true and living Bread,
and strive to live by every word
which proceeds from your mouth.
Through Christ our Lord.

As during Lent our fasting and other disciplines begin to bite it is good to be reminded of why we do them. The reining in and controlling of our appetites is a part of it: for most of us anyway! But at the heart is the desire to be closer to Christ – closer in our imitation of him, closer by our love of him, and closer by our knowledge of his love…

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