St Peter's Sq 2016

Our small group of pilgrims has safely returned from Rome where we went to pray at the tomb of the Apostles and to mark the great Jubilee Year of Mercy.Pilgrim Booklet a

Each will have their own memories and special moments. One that was particularly precious was the opportunity to walk the processional way of Mercy.

This form of prayer – a sort of Stations of Mercy – begins at the Tiber and makes its way up the Via della Conciliazione and through St Peter’s Square, down the reserved area in the very centre of the Basilica and then we were given our own private time to pray in front of the altar built over the tomb of Peter. It was very simple, and very moving.

St Peter's AltarThat particular spiritual exercise is a privilege reserved for pilgrimage groups, but individual pilgrims and families can of course find much to move them to prayer and devotion in a visit to Rome this year. If you are going, and particularly if you are going as an individual or as a family you might find helpful the pilgrim guides to the main basilicas prepared by Fr Allen.