Christ Scripture

The training session for those interested in learning more about the role of being a leader of Liturgy of the Word with Children is this Saturday, 11th June from 1030 to 12noon, not the non-existent Saturday 12th June referenced in this week’s newsletter!

Put the error down to dyspraxia!

The entry should have read:

Children’s Liturgy of the Word: Training for new volunteers, and for leaders who were not able to attend training in April.

Saturday 11th June from 1030 to 12noon.

New volunteer leaders are needed if we are – as hoped – to extend the provision of this form of worship to younger children and to make it available more regularly.

Volunteer leaders s are asked to assist at a session twice a month. They will receive initial training, and new leaders will work alongside experienced leaders, until they are confident to take the lead themselves. This ministry, like most things worthwhile, takes a little courage to begin, but once you’ve started, you’ll realise the pleasure and privilege of offering to our children of this opportunity to learn how to pray the Liturgy of the Word, and find it a help in their spiritual lives.