twitterlogo_400x400The students of Bishop Walsh School in Sutton Coldfield and the local residents demand improvements to the traffic safety measures in the school’s vicinity and on Wylde Green Road and Eastview Road.

Over the past several years, Wylde Green Road and the surrounding junctions has been the site of many severe accidents.

Students of Bishop Walsh school, with the support of 20’s plenty (, Living Streets ( and Councillor Alex Yip have created a petition in an attempt to

  • prevent any more students being knocked down in front of the school
  • limit the currently excessive number of drivers speeding down Wylde Green Road and Eastview Road, where, combined with the bottleneck of pedestrians and lack of crossing, students are in considerable danger.

Therefore, we demand traffic calming measures by Birmingham City Council. Enough is enough.

Please click here to sign the petition.