Living Eucharist

Cross passy

The Second reading on Sunday, the 17th Sunday of Ordinary Time, continues Colossian’s reflection on the reality and experience of salvation in Christ.

You have been buried with Christ, when you were baptised; and by baptism, too, you have been raised up with him through your belief in the power of God who raised him from the dead. You were dead, because you were sinners and had not been circumcised: he has brought you to life with him, he has forgiven us all our sins.

He has overridden the Law, and cancelled every record of the debt that we had to pay; he has done away with it by nailing it to the cross.

Colossians 2:12-14

In ordinary parlance death ends life. In Christian doctrine, our first ‘death’, in baptism, is our entry into the full life of Christ. And that first death is not cancelled out by the end of…

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