Living Eucharist

Holy Name TabernacleThe Second reading at Mass yesterday, Sunday, the 17th Sunday of Ordinary Time, was a further reading from the Letter to the Colossians.

In the brief passage Paul speaks of the extraordinary effect of Christ’s Passion and Resurrection, the Paschal Mystery – and of our sharing in that Mystery through our baptism.

Death and Life each have the appearance of the other, but only that life that is entered into through a sharing in the death of Christ is real, is lasting. Life as the world knows it leads only to death. And with the new life comes freedom beyond the law: the law was to help to life with God but again and again the law fails, or we it. Only in and with Christ is life, eternal life, ours.

You have been buried with Christ, when you were baptised; and by baptism, too, you have been raised up with…

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