Living Eucharist

Market CracowThe Collect on Sunday, the 17th Sunday in Ordinary Time, was somewhat more wordy than many. Its complexity and length ought not to deter our returning to it, to ponder it and pray with it in these days that follow (not least because this year it will not get much weekday use because of the saints’ feast and memoria days during the week).

There is a certain rise and fall in the business of the language of the Collect.

  • It starts quietly, and openly, with lots of ‘o’s, and ‘h’s, lots of breath, and softer consonants – m’s, n’s, f’s – and the digraph ‘th’.
  • Then the sound gets busier, more percussive (hard consonants, shorter words), and there is even a little change in complexity of language and rhythm, in consequence of its prepositional phrase, ‘with you as our ruler and guide’.
  • In its final section, things slow down again, evoking confidence…

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