angels-nice-franceOver time we are building up a fuller repertoire of liturgical music in the parish.

For example, we are hoping to have a Mass setting for each of the major liturgical seasons and a couple of settings for use in the major blocks of Ordinary Time.

A number of the building blocks are already in place.

  • For Lent we have the Missal’s plainchant setting of the Latin texts of the Holy (Sanctus), Memorial Acclamation and Lamb of God (Agnus Dei)
  • For Advent we have the Missal’s plainchant setting of the English translation of the Latin texts.
  • For Ordinary Time we have for a long time used the Schutte Christ our Saviour Mass.

Our music groups have been practising the Sanctus and Memorial Acclamation from Marty Haugen’s Storrington Mass ready for our use when praying the Mass, beginning in October. Have a listen here….

We will also be introducing the Gloria, ready for use at Christmas.

It maybe that this setting will become our Christmas/Easter setting, or our second setting for Ordinary Time. Time will tell.