Living Eucharist


May the working of your power, O Lord,
increase in us, we pray,
so that, renewed by these heavenly Sacraments,
we may be prepared by your gift
for receiving what they promise.
Through Christ our Lord.

The Prayer after Communion on Sunday, the 31st Sunday in Ordinary Time, reminds us of the process of healing and salvation that we are invited to participate in.

Catholics, and many other Christians, greatly venerate the Sacraments: actions in which we assuredly encounter the risen and glorified Lord.

But they are means to an end, the pledge of what is promised, rather than what is itself promised. The Sacraments are indeed imbued with heaven – as the Prayer after Communion asserts, they are ‘heavenly’. But in heaven there are no sacraments only the reality that they express and that they effect, in the (limited) way that is proper to them.

It is not that…

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