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At Mass yesterday we were introduced to the idea of the Retreat in Daily Life that is being offered to us in Lent.

The presentation was given by members of Manresa Link, an ecumenical Ignatian group of people, based in Birmingham, and trained to offer ‘a retreat-in-daily-life’.

That means, a retreat, with no need to go away!

The spirituality shared is what St Ignatius taught his band of brothers, who became the Jesuit Order.

The idea is that during the six weeks of Lent, people making the retreat commit to praying every day, if possible, but praying in our own homes, or wherever we might prefer.

We also meet each week, one-to-one, with a trained prayer guide to review what we have experienced, and then look ahead to the next week of prayer.

The prayer that’s offered is mostly, if not all, from Scripture, It’s Jesus-centred and it’s based on the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola. It is not a prayer group, it’s not praying set prayers or petition prayer. It is prayer that simply brings us closer to God who loves us.a-gentleman-in-adoration-before-the-baptism-of-christ-by-giovanni-battista-moroni-c

The meetings with the prayer guide last up to half an hour and can be at local churches, or in our home, or the prayer guide’s home, or wherever else is agreed.

There’s no set agenda or theme for the retreat. Each person brings to it where they are in their spiritual journey and what they want to focus on, or if that’s not clear for us, we can discover it as we go along.

The prayer-guide’s function is to encourage the retreatant to explore his or her relationship with God/Jesus as it is. They won’t approve or disapprove. They simply listen and help you to explore where you want to go on your journey, without advising, fixing or directing.

Whatever is shared is completely confidential.

This retreat will open with a meeting somewhere locally (we haven’t sorted a venue yet) at 3pm on Sunday 26th February, and closes at meeting beginning at 3pm on Sunday 9th April.

Those taking part are asked for a £15 donation to cover expenses but if that’s a problem, it doesn’t matter, come anyway.

Bookings are taken on a “first come, first served” basis.

If you are interested, and did not register your interest with the Manresa Link team yesterday, please do so by email or passing a note to Fr Allen. That way you can be assured of a place before we also open the Retreat to members of other local churches.

  • Prophet. Southall Minster. (c) 2005, Allen Morris
  • A gentleman in adoration before the Baptism of Christ. Giovanni Battista Moroni