Living Eucharist

144cross-and-flowersWhen I came to you, brothers, it was not with any show of oratory or philosophy, but simply to tell you what God had guaranteed. During my stay with you, the only knowledge I claimed to have was about Jesus, and only about him as the crucified Christ.

Far from relying on any power of my own, I came among you in great ‘fear and trembling’ and in my speeches and the sermons that I gave, there were none of the arguments that belong to philosophy; only a demonstration of the power of the Spirit. And I did this so that your faith should not depend on human philosophy but on the power of God.

1 Corinthians 2:1-5

The Second reading on Sunday next, the 5th Sunday in Ordinary Time, focuses us on the central teaching of Paul, the Cross and the Crucified Christ.

The glory of God is revealed…

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