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This year our First Holy Communion Group has been focussing on St Chad.

The children in the programme who are not in Catholic schools had a visit to St Chad’s Cathedral earlier in the year, to explore what a Cathedral is, and to get to know our own Cathedral in particilar – and to pray before the relics of St Chad, first bishop of Mercia, ie the present day Midlands.

Today all the children on the programme were invited to come to (the now Anglican) Lichfield Cathedral, built first to house the shrine of St Chad.

It was lovely for us to visit this magnificent building and consider the history of faith and worship it offers.

While we were there we prayed for a new unity in Christ between Christians, and we prayed too in preparation for the children’s celebration of the Sacrament of Reconciliation next week.

St Chad, pray for us all.


Icon of St Chad, Lichfield Cathedal. Shrne of St Chad, St Chad’s Cathedral, Birmingham. Photographs (c) 2017, Allen Morris.