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It is hoped to share out the work of keeping the flower beds and shrubs around the church neat and tidy.

Can you help?

What we are looking for is  people happy to take charge of a particular flower or shrub bed and keep it tidy during the year – weeding, tidying up, cutting plants back after flowering, and putting down a bit of fertiliser each year to keep the plants healthy.

Taking on one bed and visiting it for a couple of hours maybe three or four times a year would not be a great deal of work – and could be fun for those who like gardening, including families with younger children. It would also make a great deal of difference to the attractiveness of the spaces around the church.

Some of the beds are easier to look after than others. Some need a bit of attention already!

If you are interested in signing up for a bed, then please sign up on the poster in the church porch…