Prayer from the Catholic Tradition

DSC04633MatthewsmallChapter 28 of Matthew’s Gospel is the last chapter of Matthew’s Gospel.

And it begins with dramatic events that reveal the Resurection.

The earth quakes, and an angels appears. Men are terrified, but women meet with encouragement and find great joy, and a mission – to share their joy and their faith with the (other) disciples.

The ‘old’ world holds on to its lies, but the disciples are called to a new way of life, of new communion with Christ, and to a mission to share this with the world.

Happy Easter! The Lord is risen.

(You may be reading this page in Lent, but as Tertullian put it many centuries ago, for the Christian, when it comes down to, every day is Easter Day!)

28.128.2One chapter of the Gospel of Matthew has been posted here each weekday during the season of Lent.

One chapter of the Gospel of Mark…

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