Living Eucharist

005b.jpgToday the period of Mystagogy.  It is a time particularly for those baptised at Easter – a help to their fuller ‘reading’ and understanding of the Mysteries they took part in  as they were Baptised, Confirmed, and Eucharist-isted at the Vigil.

During their catechumenate their focus will especially have been on the word of God, the Scriptures – learning to hear Jesus the Christ in the lections of each Sunday and in the Bible more fully.

Now made fully one with the Church through the Sacraments, they are to be offered extra help in recognising Christ in the Sacramental actions. The help is to do two things: first to read more deeply the moments of initiation; second to to engage still more fully in the continued rhythm of the Church’s life, especially in the weekly participation in the offering of the Sacrifice of Christ, and in the continued experience of…

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