Prayer from the Catholic Tradition

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The Novena to the Holy Spirit traditionally begins on the Thursday of the Ascension, i.e. nine days before the feast of Pentecost.

Where the feast of the Ascension has been transferred to the Sunday you may prefer to begin your prayer that day, concluding three days after the feast of Pentecost.

Whichever day you begin, you are invited to begin your Novena each day with the following prayer of Saint Pope John XXIII.

This prayer concluded the saint’s convocation of the ecumenical council Vatican II, which began its meetings in 1962.

Renew your wonders in this our day, as by a new Pentecost.
Grant to your Church that,
being of one mind and steadfast in prayer with Mary, the Mother of Jesus,
and following the lead of Blessed Peter,
it may advance the reign of our Divine Saviour,
the reign of truth and justice, the reign of love and peace. Amen.

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