Living Eucharist

Eden ProjectAlleluia, alleluia!
Blessed are you, Father,
Lord of heaven and earth,
for revealing the mysteries of the kingdom
to mere children.

The alternative verse proposed for the Gospel Acclamation on Sunday, the 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time, suggests, rather firmly, that if we are to know and live by the mysteries of the Kingdom we are to become like little children.

There is so much in our culture that encourages us to a sort of ‘adulthood’ – to an independence of thought and action, a separation from the (dangerous) other, things which veer towards selfishness.

Yet we are to learn adulthood from God our Father. And there we learn that Fatherhood is about reaching out to others;it is about compassion and care; about integration and healing.

We need to become as children before this Father to relearn what makes for maturity.

And then, in all of our diversity and…

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