Parable 1 Lost Sheep-2

In our Lenten half hours of prayerful listening we listen to the parables again, open to hear them anew and so they might help us to know ourselves afresh, and hear challenge and comfort as it is needed.

If you want to listen to this week’s parable alone, read it quietly and then set the text aside.

Sit quietly for five minutes or so, and let the words you have heard echo in your heart and mind.

After five minutes the parable will be read again. You might find it helpful to ‘let go’ of what you have already reflected on, and listen afresh.

After another five minutes end your time of prayer by giving thanks to God and placing in his hands what ever thoughts and feelings have touched you…

And then have a cup of coffee and a piece of cake. It is Sunday after all – no fasting today!

Next Sunday, why not come and join us at 5pm in St Nicholas church as we listen to and reflect on another parable…