Walsh Campion and Wiseman

The closing date for applications for Birmingham Secondary Schools, including the Catholic Secondary Schools is October 31st. Details are available here.

If you are applying to a Catholic Secondary School you are also invited to complete a Supplementary Information Form (SIF) giving details of baptism, etc. Some schools (for example Bishop Walsh) require the signature of a parish priest; others do not (for example St Edmund Campion and Cardinal  Wiseman).

  • If you do require a SIF signed by Fr Allen to affirm your attendance at Mass, please bring the form to Mass next Sunday (23rd Sunday) and see Fr Allen after Mass. Probably he will need to speak with you briefly, and will then take your form to sign and stamp it ready to return to you at Mass the following Sunday. Please ensure your SIF is completed; that it is accompanied by any necessary documentation, confirming baptism etc; and is in an envelope bearing your name or your child’s name..

If you have any issues with regard to your application – for example concern about living outside of the privileged catchment area for your school(s) of choice, you are invited to e-mail Fr Allen to make an appointment to discuss the application.