The parish church will be open for public celebrations of Mass from Saturday 4th July. Practical arrangements and specific liturgical adaptations have been blogged.

In the meantime let me confirm that the arrangements for the church being open for private prayer during the coming week:

  • Today, Saturday the church will be open for private prayer from 5.30 to 7pm.
  • Tomorrow, Sunday the church will be open, again for private prayer, from 0830 to 11am.
  • On Friday there will be a lock-in prayer time for private prayer from 6.50 to 8pm. Numbers are limited to 20 people. Entrance will be permitted up to 7pm, and then the entrance doors will be closed. (People will of course be free to leave when they choose!)

A number of people are clearly anxious still about coming to church, perhaps because they have not left home since lockdown began.

You can be assured that the church is as safe an environment as we are able to make it. There are strict distancing and hygiene rules, and indeed last weekend I don’t think we ever exceeded more than 8-10 people in the church at any one time. So there is plenty of space.

Please follow whatever medical/shielding advice you have been given. However, if you are free to leave home then coming to church before venturing further afield might be a good and encouraging experience. It will certainly be good to see you!