We are encouraged now to take the names and a contact telephone number for all those who attend Mass.

This practice is in line with the arrangement at pubs and restaurants.

It mean that if NHS Track and Trace contacts the parish to report that a member of the congregation falls ill with the Corona-virus after attending Mass we are able to pass on to NHS Track and Trace details of those others who attended the relevant Mass.

Only a name and phone number is needed.

If a family or group come together, only one contact number is needed.

Anyone is free to decline to provide details and still attend Mass.

Your information will be kept secure for 21 days, and only passed to NHS Track and Trace should they request it.

21 days after the information is provided it will be securely disposed of.

So for the forseeable future, please come to Mass with a piece of paper with their name and phone number.

Stewards will ask you to drop your details into a container, and they will be stored safely labelled with the date and time of Mass you have attended

  • If someone wishes to attend Mass and has not written down their details but is happy to provide them, a steward will (while observing social distancing) write those details down and put them in the container.