Our parish gatherings for lectio divina continue this Sunday afternoon.

Some may well ask, ‘what is lectio divina?’ It is simply a quiet prayerful engagement with the Lord through holy scripture.

  • We begin by listening -to the reading read to us, and then listening to it in the quiet of our hearts.
  • We then – if moved to do so – share a word or sentence that has particularly struck us – but not discussing it, just noting it.
  • We then listen to the scripture a second time, once more read aloud and then, again, pondered in the quiet of our hearts.
  • The final stage is for those taking part – if they wish – sharing something more about what they have heard the Lord say to them in the scriptures.

The reading we will use is taken from the Liturgy of the Word for this Sunday.

The sessions will begin at 4pm, and after 15 minutes for sharing virtual coffee and cake and chat, we will begin the lectio at 4.15, and continue until 5pm.

To join you will need the Zoom App on a smart phone /Tablet / or PC, and then simply click on the link below.

Meeting ID: 941 0722 8901

If you would like help getting Zoom set up please ring Fr Allen. All are welcome!

Photograph: Pavement bricks, Hull. (c) 2019, Allen Morris